Mercedes X-Class

This morning in the office here at Big Motoring World, we have been talking about new vehicles, either for ourselves to own or ones that are joining the market. I can proudly announce that Mercedes are bringing out a new class...I give you the X-Class!

The X-Class pick-up truck, which will add to their commercial vehicle line, will be revealed later on this year and will enter the market in early 2018. This is going to add another rival into the pick-up truck category where it competitors will be the likes of the Nissan Navara, Renualt Alaskan, Mitsubishi L200 and Volkswagen Amarok, however, Mercedes have claimed that the X-Class is going to be the world's first premium pick-up truck!



The design

So, you probably want to know what the X-Class is going to look like and what is so special about it. Well, I can tell you that Mercedes have actually given us two unique concepts for this new vehicle; one is the X-Class Powerful Adventurer, which is going to be based around the off-road design, and the other is the X-Class Stylish Explorer, which will be premium and slick and stand out far from its rivals!

Both concepts claim to have a 5-seater double cab, which is perfect for leisure and business uses, such as a family living in the rural countryside along with their horse trailer which needs towing to the local gymkhana competition (bit more information for you; it has a towing weight of 3,500kg), or the farm manager who takes drives across fields, or even the manager of a construction company visiting his sites. They both receive a bold look to them with a large grille on the front, and with the Mercedes badge included like usual. Slim line LED headlights will give the X-Class its sporty look, which is a feature to set it apart from other competitors.

Due to the names that have been given to the two X-Class concepts, there will be different features on both. The X-Class Stylish Explorer is expected to be sporty looking, with an oval LED light which surrounds the whole tailgate and 22-inch wheels, and flared wheel-arches- a unique Mercedes styling design. Meanwhile, the X-Class Powerful Adventurer will have oversize off-road tyres, an electric winch, and also a grid design tailgate. Black leather interior will be perfect for wiping off any mud that may have been brought in from the muddy field or building site.


What's underneath the bonnet?

It's still rather unclear of what Mercedes will actually put there, however, we do know that production of the X-Class will run along the same ladder frame chassis as the Navara, and it will use a 4MATIC permanent four-wheel drive system that has two locking differentials and a low-range gearbox. There will be an alternative 4x4 system on offer as well which will be changeable between all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive. There is a feeling though that there will be a V6 diesel engine in the top range models of the X-Class. Everyone needs a bit of power!!


Where and why?

So why have Mercedes really decided to create a new Class to their production line? Well, pick-up trucks are becoming more popular, especially in areas such as Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and of course Europe. As earlier mentioned, this gives the brand another avenue to venture down and produce a modern and stylish vehicle. Mercedes are also hoping that they will attract customers who may have also been interested in SUV's as well.

We, as the public, are unsure at present on the price that these stylish new pick-up trucks will be going for, but when revealed later this year it will be known. However, Mercedes have already opened the order books for any customers attracted to this new model and can leave a £1,000 refundable deposit to secure their beauty for the new year!

Keep an eye out towards the end of the year and beginning of next year when you could get your hands on one of these beasts, but in the meantime, why don't you pop down to Big Motoring World to see what we have on our forecourt! Before you know it, we may have an X-Class as well!

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