The New Mercedes S class

Where to even begin with the new S-class? I cannot get enough of the big German luxury saloons. The BMW 7 series and Audi A8, both good options, but in my opinion you cannot beat a Mercedes S-class!

The new S-class was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show this year, and will be reaching UK dealerships in October. Exterior changes will be subtle with only slight changes to the lights, exhaust tips and bumpers, but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Interior shots reveal some small changes as well, the dual display instrument cluster seems slightly larger, and rumour says that Mercedes are testing out a new gesture control system, similar to the one BMW have launched in the 7 Series. So it is likely Mercedes will want to launch theirs in the big luxury S Class saloon.

The new S Class has been given some of the same features seen on the latest E class, including the same semi-autonomous tech. The S Class will get a new adaptive-cruise-control feature that uses map data which slows the car for bends and roundabouts etc. The cruise-control stalk has completely disappeared being replaced with a new button on the multi-function steering wheel. Along with touch-sensitive control pads, similar to those on the E Class.

The S class can now change lanes by itself, using just the indicator (okay it’s a little more complex, but updated active lane-change-assist technology just doesn’t sound as cool.) The S Class will also be able to be purchased with something called ‘energizing comfort’ and it’s a tad over the top. Energizing comfort automatically adjusts the cars climate control, seat heating/cooling, massage functions, audio system, fragrance atomizer, and ambient lighting. What’s more, there is 64 options when it comes to the lighting. 64! I’m not sure anything needs 64 colour options. It all seems a little show-offy to me, but a pretty cool feature anyway.


Along with the saloon, Mercedes will also update the coupe and convertible versions along with the more luxurious Maybach, although unfortunately it’s unlikely we will be seeing a Maybach at Big Motoring World anytime soon, you can expect to see the regular S Class on sale as soon as we can get out hands on one!


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