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Big Motoring World in Kent is the UK's only Prestige Car Supermarket specialising in premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. We offer over 2000 cars in stock, no pressure sales, multipoint checks on every car and below market value prices.

You may be wondering exactly what a car supermarket is and how it differs from your average dealership. Well, we’re here to help. Find out all about how they work below as well as what Big Motoring World can offer you.

What is a car supermarket?

Car Supermarkets are very large Car Dealerships that normally sell used cars and nearly new cars.  A bonafide Car Supermarket will have at least 500 cars in one location. Yes, that’s a huge amount of cars, but it means competitive prices and a huge amount of choice.

It’s the equivalent of a large out of town Supermarket where you would do your food shopping.  Car Supermarkets with less than 500 cars are more like a Tesco Metro which is more limited on choice and prices are higher.

The benefits of using a car supermarket

There are so many benefits to using a car supermarket. You’ll have to visit one to experience them for yourself. But for now, we’ve compiled some of the most advantageous benefits.

Enormous choice

You’ll literally be spoiled for choice. Local car dealerships and smaller used car dealerships may only offer a choice of around 20 or 30 cars. Visit a supermarket for cars, and naturally, you’ll have a huge selection. For example, our site currently has over 2000 cars in stock. With so many vehicles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfectly suited.

Easy to compare models

Sometimes researching online just doesn’t cut it. You need to compare specs in real life and get a feel for different car brands and models - and specialist supermarket filled with cars is the best place to do this.

Comprehensive car checks

If you buy a second-hand car yourself through a private seller, then you’re responsible for doing all the standard checks. It’s easy to miss something. At Big Motoring World we have a strict car inspection process to ensure high standards are being met.

Competitive prices

Because car supermarkets sell cars in high numbers, they’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. In fact, 92% of our cars are priced below market value. Source (Autotrader) 26/02/19.

Flexible finance options

Don’t want to buy a car outright? You can still buy a second hand or nearly new car on finance. Speak to our sales team to discuss the range of finance options we have available.

Where to find car supermarkets

You’ll find a select few of these dotted around the country. Our specialist automotive centres are based in West Malling, Kent, Chatham, Kent, and we have a collection centre in Snodland, Kent. 

Who are they suited for?

Car markets are perfect for people who are looking for a car, but may not know exactly what they want. If you’re not set on a certain vehicle, you can make great savings by being flexible and choosing an excellent value car. This method of purchasing a vehicle is suited to anyone, but particularly those who want a lot of choice and to be able to see different cars and specs in one place.

How to choose the right car supermarket

It’s so important to choose a car warehouse you trust that has a good reputation. Before selecting which dealership to visit, do your research on what to look out for. You’ll want to go somewhere that has positive customer reviews and feedback and offers friendly, reliable service.

You may also want to check how many cars and which models they have on-site before you plan your visit. These sorts of sites tend to have a high rate of car sales, so it’s always best to see what they’ve currently got in stock. Check whether they inspect their vehicles properly, what documentation they can provide and what additional perks are included when purchasing through them.

Planning a visit?

Here’s what you need to consider before making the trip.

Why Big Motoring World?

We’re confident we’re the best place to buy used cars in the UK. Our sites are located through Kent including Dartford and Maidstone - both of which are easily accessible from London.

92% of our customers would recommend us to a family member or friend.

We’ve got over 30 years’ experience delivering quality pre-owned cars to an endless selection of happy customers.

We’ve picked up some prestigious industry awards along the way. In fact, we won car Supermarket of the year 2018 at the Car Dealer Awards.

Not been to a car supermarket before? Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you and guide you through the process with their specialist knowledge and experience.

Our team thoroughly inspect all cars, checking the mechanical and electrical components of every vehicle. We conduct a full background history check of all our cars and the supporting documents are available to view on the car details page on our website.

All our cars have a professional and comprehensive valet inside and out.

Want to check out our specialist automotive warehouse? Before you stop by, you may want to browse our selection of new and used cars. Visit Big Motoring World now to find out more about our extensive collection.

Published: Saturday 27, Jul, 2019
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