Low Prices

The Cornerstone Of Our Business

  • Below Market Prices
    The vast majority of our cars 90%+ are priced below the market price.
    Low Prices
  • Save up to £5,500
    We use various tools to get our prices low as possible and give you the savings you want. This screenshot is from Dealer side of cargurus.co.uk, you can see the BMW 120D sport plus priced at £12000 an amazing £5540 below market value.
    Low Prices 2
  • Up to 96% of our cars are Priced low or great price
    Comparing our prices on Autotrader.co.uk up to 96% of the cars we offer are Priced low or great price. The other 12% are a still good price and below market value. When you buy your next car next from Big Motoring World you can be assured the price you pay will offer fantastic savings compared to other car dealers.
    Low Prices 3