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BMW's Bright Future

BMW 8 Series Set To Make A Comeback
8 series side

The future is bright with BMW hoping to release 40 new or updated models in the next 2 years, the long awaited resurrection of the BMW 8 series is nearing.

It's about time we talked a little about it.

Following the disappointing news that the 6 Series coupe will end its life in 2018 and the convertible not long after. The 8 Series has big shoes to fill.

The BMW 8 series set to return as a BMW's answer to the Mercedes S class coupe, and it looks set to be a very good contender in the luxury GT market.

The new 8 Series is rumoured to include the same top-end technology found in the latest 7 series, including the semi-autonomous feature. In fact, the 8 Series will share quite a few features with the 7 Series, most likely, similar interiors (7 Series interior pictured) and engines too. So it is expected that the new 8 Series range will include an iPerformance plug-in hybrid version, if that’s something you are interested in.

BMW have trademarked the 8 Series model names including 825, 830, 835, 840, 845, 850, M850 and M8. Naturally this means engines can range from 2.0 litre petrol to a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12.

The crown jewel of the 8 Series range is likely to be the M8 and aside from the fantastic name this new car, in true BMW style, will be a thing of pure luxury and complete head turner. Like the regular 8 Series, the M8 will rival the Mercedes-AMG S63 coupe and it will be very hard to pick between the two. The coupe will only be the first model in the M8 range, there is also likely to be an M8 Convertible followed by an M8 Gran Coupe – with a lot of love for the M6 Gran Coupe I am excited to see what the M8 Gran Coupe will bring.

Prices are expected to range from £70,000 to a wallet destroying £100,000 but I fully expect it will be worth the extra hours put in at work.

Unfortunately, with the launch expected to be sometime in 2018 It will be a long wait until we get one of these on the Big Motoring World forecourt. So maybe for now have a look at the used BMW 6 Series and used BMW 7 Series we currently have in stock.

Published: Thursday 27, Apr, 2017
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