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Get Ready For Winter: 4 Top Winter Tips For Your Car


As the clocks go back and those winter nights draw in, driving conditions can potentially become more challenging and being prepared for the road ahead this winter is essential. In our latest blog, we’ll take a look at 4 top tips to help you prepare for safer winter driving.

Whether it’s snow, ice or just those tricky cold mornings there is much to be conscious of when driving during winter. Whether that is battery health or tyre safety, having your car fully prepared can make a world of difference and help make your travels for both yourself and your passengers safer. With that in mind, let’s jump straight in with point 1.

Check the battery

We’ve all no doubt been there in our driving lives. A freezing cold winters night and the next morning we head to the car, ready for our day’s commute. You crank the key and the car churns and splutters to a stop, the battery is dead.

Increased use of lights and heading place an additional strain on our cars batter as it expends more energy than other times of the year. Chuck in freezing temperatures to reduce the batteries output and you have a recipe for battery exhaustion. Checking your battery and ensuring it is in good health is a fundamental winter check and one that will pay dividends later on. If all else fails, keep those jump leads handy!

Get your car serviced

It may seem like a motoring basic when you own a car but so many people fail to get their car serviced. A service is essentially a vehicle health check. Vital fluids such as oil and brake fluid are changed if required and import aspects are checked for resilience and safety. If your car is coming up for a service aim to get it completed before the winter weather sets in with a vengeance.

Consider winter tyres

When it comes to driving, having safe and legal tyres is of utmost importance. However, when driving in snow, ice or rain, having safe tyres is absolutely vital. Your vehicle’s tyres are the only thing in contact with the road and traditionally a cars contact patch on each tyre is no bigger than the span of your hand. Ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated and have more tread than the legal limit. If driving in a lot of snow or frequent ice, dedicated winter tyres should be considered.

Taking heed of the above points will help to make your winter driving not only safer but less stressful. A small amount of time and expense now could pay dividends later on.

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Published: Monday 28, Oct, 2019
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