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Get to Know: BMW M5

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When you want a great looking saloon that doesn't stand out too much, is loaded with great features, has tons of space for the kids, and can move from 0-62mph in around 4.3 seconds when you feel like showing off, what do you go for? How about an M5? New? Maybe a little out of your price range, how about a used BMW M5? Think about it, you save a lot of money and still get an incredible amount of car.

The M5's styling is somewhat low-key, with a modest spoiler and subtle side skirts, pictures don’t quite do it justice. You have to be in the driver’s seat to fully understand the beauty. The cabin is much more spacious than that of the previous M5, and it really is quite a nice place to be. Heads-up display, glass sunroof, wide colour screen infotainment system with iDrive touch controller, DAB, heated memory seats, all as standard, and optional features such as surround-view, Bang & Olufsen advanced audio system, and a comfort access option. You get so much for your money.


Moving on, Under the bonnet is where things start to get interesting. The F10 M5 brought with it a rather controversial change. Out with the V10 and in with a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The first of its kind, never before has BMW’s Motorsport division opted for less cylinders to replace its predecessor saloon. But, a smaller cylinder count and turbocharging is the future.

As expected, BMW had to work extra hard to convince the existing M5 fanatics. Boy, did they put in the hours. The M5 still delivers. It’s a well-mannered comfortable 5 Series saloon when you need it to be, and the same breath-taking, heart-stopping M5 you have been used to when you want it to be. Great news.


A real driver’s car, something you wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic on the daily M25 commute in. Although getting an average of 28.5 MPG may not be enough to convince you to use it as your daily, the thrill definitely will make up for it.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Why don’t you head down to Big Motoring World in West Malling? We have plenty of used BMW M5’s available to look at right now. Alternatively click here to view our stock and give our friendly, knowledgeable call centre a call to find out more on 01634 248638.

Published: Friday 18, Aug, 2017
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