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Key Things to Know About the Audi A7

Five things you need to know about the Audi A7.
Key Things to Know About the Audi A7
Audi’s sleek A7 follows a well-established path. Essentially a more dynamic-looking version of the firm’s A6, it brings a healthy dose of style without losing out on refinement and quality. As one of the firm’s tip-top models, it’s got loads of features too - so let’s dive in and find out what it has to offer. 
It’s essentially a sleeker A6
For those after a more dynamic-looking saloon car, the A7 will no doubt prove very appealing. It’s essentially the same as an A6 underneath, but boasts a more tapered, futuristic design. 
However, because it’s been designed as a Sportback, it still offers plenty of boot space and interior legroom. 
A powerful RS7 tops the range
In the same vein as the RS6, the A7 range is topped by a powerful RS7 model. Much like the estate version, it too uses a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, while quattro all-wheel-drive means there’s plenty of traction no matter what the conditions. 
It makes a great noise, too, but remains understated enough so as not to scream about its performance. 
A hybrid model is available 
At the other end of the spectrum there’s a hybrid version. It uses a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine linked to an electric motor and batteries for smoother, quieter running and electric-only power at certain points. 
There are two variants to choose from in the 50 TFSI e and 55 TFSI e, which offer 295bhp and 362bhp respectively. 
There are loads of options to choose from
As you might expect from a premium Audi, you’ve got loads of options to choose from with the A7. There are all manner of paint options too, ranging from pear-effect shades to a full palette of Audi exclusive paint finishes. 
It means that you can get your A7 to look just as you want it too. 
Specifications are wide and varied 
But as well as plenty of options, you’ve also got a wide range of specifications which offer all manner of standard features. Even entry-level Sport models benefit from 19-inch alloy wheels, LED front and rear lights and a full infotainment system. 
Go up to tip-top Vorsprung cars and you’ll get 21-inch alloy wheels fitted as standard alongside HD Matrix LED lights and adaptive air suspension.
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Published: Wednesday 21, Jul, 2021
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