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Need seven seats? These are the best options available today

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For many people, the freedom that having a seven-seater brings is hard to ignore. Certainly for larger families, having seven individual chairs helps reduce the chance of in-car arguments as well as ensuring that all occupants have a comfortable trip. 


Unsurprisingly, manufacturers know this too. It’s why seven-seaters are a common sight in the new car market. With so many options, how do you choose? We’ve picked out some of the best options available today.


Skoda Kodiaq



Skoda’s Kodiaq is often seen as one of the best-value seven-seater SUVs on the market today. It’s packed with equipment, while a range of efficient engines should help to keep fuel bills down.


But most importantly for this list, it’s spacious. Each row of seats gets a good amount of legroom, while boot space is excellent too. 


Audi Q7



Taking up the premium end of the seven-seater segment is Audi’s popular Q7. Bringing all of the high-end features that people expect from Audi, the Q7’s spacious yet well-made cabin is likely to be a hit with many.


It’s also supremely refined, while high-performance S models give an option to those who want a little more punch from their seven-seater. 


Seat Tarraco



The Seat Tarraco shares its underpinning with the Kodiaq, and as a result, offers the same excellent levels of space and practicality that you get with the Skoda. But, in classic Seat style, the Tarraco has a slightly more dynamic exterior look.


The interior is just as well-appointed, mind you, with plenty in the way of standard equipment making it a good value option. 


Land Rover Discovery



Land Rover’s premium Discovery manages to toe the line between urban and off-road well. It’s a superbly well-rounded proposition, with a high-end driving style and an equally well-finished interior. 


It’s recently been updated, too, bringing more efficient engines as well as a new infotainment system.


Ford S-Max



Though the seven-seater market is dominated by SUVs, if you want genuine space then we’d opt for an MPV, like the Ford S-Max. It’s an impressively spacious option, while all passengers are free to enjoy plenty of head- and legroom.


It’s also cheaper to run than many SUV rivals, while the foldable rear seats can be put away to create a massive load area. 


Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace



Volkswagen’s Tiguan is a hugely popular option in the SUV segment, which is why the firm looked to capitalise on this by introducing a larger Allspace version. It features a longer wheelbase than the standard Tiguan and, as a result, brings two more seats than the standard car.


But as a result, you still get all of the great attributes that you’ll find on the regular Tiguan; solid build quality, a refined drive and an efficient range of engines.

Published: Friday 13, Nov, 2020
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