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Five things you need to know about the BMW 5 Series

Discover the key features of the highly desirable BMW 5 Series.
Five things you need to know about the BMW 5 Series
In the mid-sized executive car market, few have seen the success of the BMW 5 Series. For decades now it has been setting the standard that its rivals have to meet, going head-to-head with other excellent competitors including the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
It’s great to drive and jam-packed with technology. So if you’re considering buying one, here are five things that might help you make your decision.
It has pedigree
The first 5 Series was introduced way back in 1972, which means it has been updated and improved for more than half a century. They started out as saloons, but over the years the range has expanded to include performance versions and estates, with a range of different powertrains and fuel types.
With this much history, you just know the 5 Series has been working ever-closer towards perfection.
It’s great to drive
In the luxury/premium car segment, comfort is important. However, BMW made a name for itself by building cars that provided drivers with enjoyment behind the wheel. This isn’t limited to its sportier cars, though.
While some rivals might be a little comfier for long distance cruising, none can touch the 5 Series for enjoyment on a fun road.
High-quality interior
You would probably argue that traditionally the 5 Series has been pitched as a premium car, with high quality materials and impressive technology no matter which generation you’re looking at.
However, with the latest generation, BMW has really upped its game, and is taking the fight to its rivals by producing a car that’s much closer to the luxury segment than ever before.
Saloon and estate options
In saloon form the 5 Series shares much with the bigger, more luxurious 7 Series, with its looks and interior clearly inspired by the pricier model. However, where the 5 Series offers a difference from its bigger brother is the fact you can choose an estate version.
Just because it’s practical doesn’t make it any luxurious, but instead of 530 litres of boot space you get 560 litres – or 1,700 with the rear seats down.
Wide range of powertrains
Whatever driving you do with your executive car, there’s a powertrain to suit in the 5 Series line-up. There’s one petrol engine that achieves about 45mpg, while two diesels are offered that will suit long-distance drivers. The most economical could hit up to 59mpg.
If you want some electrification, two plug-in hybrid choices will be extremely economical if the batteries are kept topped up and provide fantastic tax incentives for company car drivers.
Finally, an M550i performance variant is available. Only offered as a saloon it makes over 500bhp and can go from 0-60mph in about 3.5 seconds.
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Published: Friday 23, Jul, 2021
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