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Personal Contract Purchase (commonly abbreviated to “PCP”) is a flexible finance product that puts you firmly in the driving seat. With flexible terms and deposit amounts, you can manage your monthly figures to ensure they’re at a level you’re comfortable with.

Often, PCP allows you to buy a car that’s of a higher spec than you ordinarily may have been able to afford. That’s because part of the finance balance is reserved for the end of the finance term in an optional final payment. This means you’ll be able to benefit from lower monthly payments.

At the end of your contract you can decide whether you’d like to keep and pay the final balance (either in full or by refinancing) or return the car back to us.
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If owning your car is important to you, then hire purchase (commonly abbreviated to “HP”) is likely to be the best choice. This type of finance looks more like a traditional finance model whereby you pay a regular monthly payment over a fixed term to pay off your finance balance.

With HP, there is no optional final payment to make and you aren’t capped by annual mileage limits either. Simply place a deposit amount you’re comfortable with, set the term you’d like your finance contract to run over and at the end of the term, the car is yours.
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Financing at Big
How do I apply for finance?
You’re able to apply for finance on our website or in-store at one of our branches. Use our finance calculator above to get an idea of what your monthly payment is likely to look like. You’re able to apply provisionally for a credit decision before you’ve found a car if you have an idea of how much you’re comfortable with spending. Alternatively, most people tend to apply for finance once they’ve found a car they’d like to buy. Throughout our website, including on the vehicle detail pages, we provide finance quotes covering both PCP and HP finance options. You are able to do an affordability checker on our website, which will give you an idea of whether you’re likely to be accepted with our lenders before submitting an application. It’s recommended that you do this if you’re unsure of your credit score and history, as our finance credit check doesn’t impact your credit score. If you’d like to proceed with submitting an application, you have the option to do this online on our website, or if you’d prefer to go through this with an FCA-approved expert, please contact us to make an appointment.
How old do I need to be to apply for finance?
Any form of credit is only available to individuals over the age of 18.
What documents do I need to bring with me to finance a car?
You’ll need to bring a number of documents with you to apply for finance. This includes your driving licence, a passport (as a secondary form of ID), a recent bank statement (issued within the last 3 months), a recent utility bill (issued within the last 3 months) and your bank details (including your name, account number and sort code).
Can I get finance elsewhere?
We do accept external finance however there is an admin fee of £495 for processing sales with external finance. It’s also unlikely you’ll be able to drive away on the same day, as payments can be delayed as we do not have established relationships with external lenders.
Can I drive away the same day when purchasing a car via finance?
Yes, you can. It’s advised that you schedule an appointment before 3pm to ensure the finance is authorised in time.
Are there any restrictions on lending?
We can finance a minimum of £2,500 and generally over a minimum term of 3 years, however some of our lenders are able to finance on a minimum term of 2 years too, if you’d prefer to reduce your finance term.
I’ve been living abroad, can I still apply for finance?
If you have 3 years unbroken residency within the UK, you can apply for finance.
Can a company apply for finance?
Of course. Any company can finance a vehicle if they have: • A company registration number • Company details • Trading address • Bank details • Accountant details • VAT registration number (if applicable) • 3 years of accounts There is a possibility that a Director Guarantee may be required.
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