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Used Electric Cars

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Used Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular as a new car choice with over 30,000 electric cars registered in the first 6 months of 2020, an increase of 158.6 percent on the previous year. The hunger for electric has hit a record high, which is great news for the used car buyer as more used electric cars are entering the secondhand market. Electric cars give the promise of zero-emissions driving and no more fossil fuel to buy!!

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Is an EV for me?

Electric cars are a brilliant choice for some, but other customers could be better off with fuel-efficient petrol, diesel or hybrid car for now.

EVs need to be charged: You'll need access to a garage, off-road parking, or somewhere to install a charging point, an electric car could quite literally be going nowhere.

Maybe you can charge the car at work? If not, you'll have to rely on the UK's charging network, which is growing at a rapid rate. Looking at ZapMap, there are charging points at around 35000 charging points in the UK.  There are charging points at supermarkets, so you can get juiced while picking up some juice. Big Motoring World has charging points at the Blue Bell Hill branch.

The UK government is investing millions into local councils to create even more charging points across the country to make EV ownership for everyone.



Benefits of an Electric Car


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Running Costs

Electric Cars cost around 70% less to run in electricity than their fossil-fueled equivalents. Around 3-4p a mile compared to 12-15p a mile.

Reduced servicing Costs

Evidence from fleets also shows that Electric vehicles can reduce service, maintenance, and repair costs by more than half when compared to petrol or diesel alternatives. This is due to the fact that pure-electric vehicles have fewer components that require maintenance.

No charge

Excuse the pun but no Congestion charge or ULEZ charge when going into London, and there is a lot of talk about these charges going into other UK cities.

Road Tax-Free

Fully electric vehicles are zero-rated for Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), removing an extra few quid from car running costs.


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Published: Friday 20, Nov, 2020
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