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We're BIG on Value

Buying a new car is a big deal. So you want to feel that you're in the driving seat. You want to find exactly the right car, at the right price, and not feel ripped off by pushy salesmen. You want an experience that is hassle-free and a purchase that is haggle-free. You want a choice in how you buy and peace of mind that you won't be stung by extra costs down the road. You want to be treated like a human being, and you'd quite like a cup of tea while you do it.
Below market price
We check leading car marketplaces daily to ensure our cars are of the best value nationally. We price our vehicles to sell quickly, so you shouldn't be alarmed to see that our cars are often the lowest priced in the whole of the country.
Haggle & hassle-free
Our prices really are haggle-free. The price you see will be the price you pay. We don't like haggling, and we know you don't either. Our customers know that the price they see will be the price they pay and it will be more than fair.
Big savings
Our cars are so competitively priced that you can expect big savings compared to similar cars advertised at other car dealerships. 72% of our customers saved at least £1,000 compared to the cost of buying a similar car at other dealerships.
Saving against the cost of new
Brand new cars command a premium price, but as soon as they leave the showroom you're likely to take an instant financial hit of 20% in terms of depreciation. 95% of our customers saved over £7,000 when buying a nearly new car compared to the cost when new. It just makes sense.
Do you ever negotiate on price?
Over 90% of our vehicles are priced below the market value, which means we are already passing on great savings to you. Our marketing team check prices daily to make sure our cars are the best value around. Therefore there is no need for you to haggle, each and everyone one of our customers gets the best price.
Where do you compare your prices against?
We use AutoTrader, the UK’s leading marketplace, to benchmark our prices. Our marketing teams check what’s going on in the marketplace daily and adjust our used car prices each day to ensure we’re always the most competitive.
If I find a cheaper price elsewhere, will you price-match?
We believe our cars are the best value around and we offer a comprehensive 90-day warranty for added peace of mind. Seeing genuine like-for-like offers from other dealers will be tough to find. Should you find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’d be unable to price match at this time. You can subscribe to car alerts on our website though so you’ll be notified if/when the price changes on your vehicle of interest.
Can I reserve a car before I visit?
You can reserve any car on our website for a fully refundable £99 deposit. If, when you get here, you decide for whatever reason the car isn’t for you, we’ll issue a refund as soon as possible.
Why do you charge an admin fee?
Unlike many dealerships, it’s common for us not to make money on many of the cars we sell, as we pass the savings straight to you, but we do need to ensure we can still operate as a business. Our admin fee is transparent and reflects the time and costs we incur from processing orders. The admin fees cover costs for our staff working behind the scenes who ensure your order is processed accurately and efficiently, including any system costs and third-party costs incurred.
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