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Five things you need to know about the BMW X1

Discover the key features of the highly desirable BMW X1 SUV.
Five things you need to know about the BMW X1
Premium brands have found a great way to connect with more buyers, and that’s to build more affordable models. It’s great for everyone, because the likes of BMW get to reach a wider audience, while more people get access to a fantastic ownership experience. 
That’s exactly why the BMW X1 is such a desirable model. It has all the great looks and driving experience associated with the German firm’s SUVs, but at a lower starting price.
Here are five things to know about this excellent SUV.
Great to drive
BMW built its reputation by engineering cars that are fantastic to drive and that extends to its SUVs. Jump behind the wheel of the X1 and you’ll notice the high-riding position that offers great visibility.
However, once on the move you’ll also notice that it’s incredibly comfortable, whether driving around town or at higher speeds on the motorway, while also feeling planted and secure in the corners.
Wide range of powertrains
It can be incredibly frustrating to find a car that suits your needs only to find there’s not an appropriate engine. Fortunately, the X1 has such a wide variety that whatever you need there will be something to suit you.
There are economical diesels, high-performance petrols, and plug-in hybrids that bring running costs right down and are mighty appealing to company car drivers.
Spacious interior
Although it’s on the smaller side of the firm’s SUVs, BMW has been clever with the interior design of the X1 to make the most of what space is available. There’s loads of head and legroom, while the rear seat has impressive adjustability.
Five adults can sit pretty comfortably, so if you want this for family duties there will be plenty of space for growing kids.
Impressive equipment levels
There are four trim levels on offer, starting with the SE models. Even at the entry point, you get 17-inch alloy wheels, impressive safety equipment and driver assistance, a large infotainment screen with navigation and LED lights all round.
The top-spec models have a sporty character, with 18-inch alloy wheels, a unique exterior look and sports suspension.
The most affordable way to buy a BMW SUV
If you want an SUV but thought that BMW’s models might be out of your budget, it could be worth another look. The great thing about the X1 is that it packages all of the best things about BMW ownership, including smart looks, huge badge appeal and high-tech cabins, into a more affordable package.
Thanks to styling similar to larger models, it doesn’t even look like ‘the cheap one’. Even if you have a higher budget but don’t need such a large SUV, the X1 is good enough that taking the smaller version is anything but a step down.
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Published: Tuesday 10, Aug, 2021
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