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Key Things to Know About the BMW 2 Series

Discover the key features of a BMW 2 Series and why they're so popular.
Key Things to Know About the BMW 2 Series
Despite being one of BMW’s more compact models, the 2 Series packs a whole lot of equipment and technology. It’s one of the most affordable cars in the range, too, allowing people a slice of the BMW experience for far less outlay than some of its other models. 
Today, we’re going to check out five things that you need to know about the BMW 2 Series. 
It’s got a well-made cabin
Manufacturers often trickle down certain parts of their high-end cars into their smaller models and that’s definitely the case with the 2 Series. It’s comfortable and well made, with loads of high-end materials ensuring that the cabin of the 2 Series feels premium. 
The seats are comfortable, while the driving position is absolutely spot-on thanks to loads of adjustability and a well-positioned steering wheel. 
A variety of different engines are available 
As you’d expect from a BMW, there are loads of engine options to choose from. There are regular petrol engines in the form of the 220i, while the Coupe version can be fitted with a high-performance 3.0-litre straight-six engine in the M240i. 
Economical diesels are also available, while BMW’s xDrive can be added to select models too. 
A range-topping M2 brings added performance 
For those who want a more enlivening driving experience, there’s the M2 Competition. It’s the most potent 2 Series model available, bringing huge performance and award-winning handling. It’s easily one of the most exciting road cars on sale today, in fact, and continues a long line of small but powerful M cars. 
It’s reasonably practical too, with a well-sized boot. As an everyday performance car, it’s hard to beat. 
It’s rear-wheel-drive
Many cars - including the latest 1 Series - favour front-wheel-drive as it’s a way of producing smaller cars which major on interior space. BMW has, of course, majored on rear-wheel-drive throughout the decades as a way of providing a more involving driving experience. 
The 2 Series is one of the few compact rear-wheel-drive cars around, so it’s great fun to drive. In terms of the market overall, it’s quite unique. 
It’s available as an Active Tourer MPV
If you’re after a more practical 2 Series option, then look no further than the Active Tourer. It’s an MPV, so features a boxy and upright bodystyle which provides more space than the rest of the 2 Series range. 
It’s a great option for families, but it still benefits from the high-end interior that you get across the rest of the 2 Series range.
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Published: Friday 16, Jul, 2021
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