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Things You Ought to Know about the BMW 6 Series

Discover the important features you need to know about the impressive BMW 6 Series.
Things You Ought to Know about the BMW 6 Series
BMW has a great history of creating big, luxurious grand tourers and the 6 Series is a real example of this. Though it was recently discontinued, the 6 Series is still a very attractive used buy thanks to its high level of equipment and classy interior.
So should you consider a 6 Series? Let’s see some of the reasons why it’s worth looking at. 
You can get saloon and coupe versions
Though the 6 Series was initially offered as a coupe, it was later joined by a four-door ‘Gran Coupe’ variant. The latter is a great option if you’d like to make getting into the rear of the car a little easier for your passengers.
That said, both versions remain quite practical with a decent amount of space for all occupants. 
A powerful M6 is available
Much as it has a reputation for its GT cars, BMW also has fine form in creating big, powerful sports cars. Take the M6. The most recent version was powered by a V8 engine, equipping it with a 0-60mph time of under four seconds and a top speed of 155mph or 190mph when the optional M Drivers pack is selected. 
If you’re after a car that’ll combine performance and long-distance comfort, the M6 really is a great choice. 
It’s comfortable over long distances 
As a true grand tourer, the 6 Series has been designed to swallow up long distances without any hesitation. It’s why you’ll find well-judged suspension, comfortable seats and refined engines in the 6 Series’ list of positives. 
And though enthusiasts might be tempted by the petrol engines, it’s the super-smooth diesel which really comes into its own when you’re travelling further afield. 
The interior is packed with technology
The 6 Series might be getting on a bit now, but its position as one of BMW’s flagship vehicles means that it was given the best-possible equipment. You get BMW’s then-latest iDrive system with a large central screen, as well as real-time traffic information. 
All cars also boast front and rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control and adaptive cruise control - to name just a few features. 
The boot is still a decent size
Given its coupe basis, you might think that the 6 Series would feature a small boot - but that’s not the case. At 460 litres, there’s more than enough space for several bags or airplane cases, ensuring that you’ll be able to bring all of your luggage along for the ride. 
If you opt for the Gran Coupe version, you’ll be able to extend the boot area by folding the rear seats flat, too. 
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Published: Friday 30, Jul, 2021
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