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Get to Know: Smart

Prime sport cutout

Did you know that smart started out over 20 years ago as a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Swatch?

CEO of Swatch, Nicholas Hayek, had a vision for a small and stylish city car and he wanted to cooperate with another company in the automotive industry to make his idea into a reality. A collaboration with Volkswagen was agreed in 1991, but that deal fell through in 1993 when Ferdinand Piëch became CEO of Volkswagen and wanted to terminate the project due to working on their own similar idea, the Volkswagen Lupo. Not willing to give up, Hayek began discreetly approaching other manufacturers and finally, in 1994, he reached an agreement with Daimler-Benz AG.

Smart, Swatch Mercedes ART. Originally named Swatchmobile or Swatch Car, Daimler-Benz pushed for a neutral name, and the smart car was born.


Smart ForTwo:

The smart fortwo is available as a tiny coupe or stylish cabrio, only 1.66m wide and 2.69m long, with a turning circle of just 6.95m you won’t struggle to find a parking spot in this little city car.

This clever car is crammed with ingenious storage solutions like the centre console drawer, folding front passenger seat and split tailgate to give you a total storage space of a 350 litres!

Available with a 5-speed manual or twinamic 6-speed dual clutch transmission and two petrol engine options.


Smart ForFour:

The smart forfour is the perfect compact city car with room for four, the larger sibling to the smart fortwo. A mere 1.64m wide and 3.49m long and a still tiny turning circle of 8.65m.

Clever touches like the rear doors that open to 85-degrees make getting car seats in and out a doddle.

The forfour has a total luggage compartment of an amazing 975 litres with the rear seats folded flat and the ‘readyspace’ feature gives you reversible cushions that can be turned around and lowered, creating even more space for tall objects.

As with the fortwo, the forfour can be purchased with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed dual clutch transmission.


Smart EQ:

Smart EQ is the all electric version, available for both the fortwo and forfour model. A brilliant option for those of us that are perhaps more environmentally conscious, or who just want to save on fuel costs. Either way, you’ll have driving emissions of zero and a range of up to 99 miles. Not bad.

You will get into the habit of charging your car overnight, taking approximately 3.5 hours from 20-100%. If you need to top up during the day there are more and more charging points popping up all over the UK. 


Smart BRABUS Xclusive:

Sportier looks, inside and out. The smart fortwo and smart forfour BRABUS Xclusive models look great. The BRABUS Xclusive Monoblock IX alloy wheels are 16-inch at the front and 17-inch at the rear on the fortwo, and 17-inch both front and rear on the forfour.

The 109hp rear-wheel drive engine makes for a more fun and agile drive.

Trim Levels:

There are four different trim levels to choose from, each offering their own features. Even the entry level, pure, comes loaded with a ton of stuff that you actually want to have. Some of the features from each trim level are as follows.




Prime sport premium (smart forfour):

Edition blue & edition red (smart fortwo):

Love or loathe? Everyone has an opinion on this little car.

At our newly refurbished West Malling branch, we have plenty to look at, including used smart cars. Check out our stock here or pop down to branch. We would be happy to show you around!


Published: Tuesday 24, Jul, 2018
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