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New 2022 BMW M2

The 2022 BMW M2 will be more powerful and aggressive than its predecessor.
New 2022 BMW M2
Reports suggest BMW is planning a much better handling coupe.
Reports suggest BMW has big plans for the next generation M2, which is likely to have more power and more aggressive handling than its predecessor.
The firm’s smallest performance car will be based on the third-generation 2 Series, which will have a new range of engines, a new gearbox, stiffer structure and an updated platform.
Automotive magazine Autocar is reporting that BMW M division, which creates performance versions of the firm’s regular cars, has closer ties to development of the regular car than before.
The result is said to be a step up in performance for the M car with improved dynamics for the regular car.
An insider told Autocar: “It’s more powerful, with greater torque, but sharper, too. It’s still puristic, a driver’s car, but with a broader spread of characteristics, a greater divide between comfort and sport, than what we’ve seen up to now.”
One of the key changes will be the use of the S58 engine. The 3.0-litre petrol unit has been used in various models, including the M3 and M4. Details about power outputs are unknown with a year before the car is released, but regular M2s could get up to 410bhp, while the M2 Competition could have 430bhp.
Purists will be pleased to hear that a six-speed manual is still likely to be offered alongside an eight-speed automatic, while it will remain rear-wheel-drive only.
Styling-wise it is expected to have a new look front end with a lower and wider front grille, while fixed vertical louvres will be replaced by active parts that can be opened and closed depending on the real-time needs of the engine.
Published: Thursday 17, Jun, 2021
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