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What’s In A Name: The Mercedes SL


The Mercedes-Benz SL was one of the early pioneers of truly luxurious motoring. Taking all of what made the Mercedes saloons of the time great, the SL had a new and exciting edge, a machine unlike any other.

Like many Mercedes models, the model designations have been around for decades and the SL is one of Mercedes’ longest-running monikers after the likes of the S-Class and G-Wagen. In constant production since 1954, the SL name stands for Sportlich-Leicht, which when translated into English means Sport Lightweight. 

This designation formed the basis of these cars very DNA, a comfortable, yet powerful and refined grand tourer. Coming in both coupe and convertible variants the SL had an instant edge and proved to be a capable machine whether cruising with the roof down or eating through the miles on a long drive, naturally, the SL quickly made an impression.

The very first iteration of the SL came in the guise of the 300 SL Gullwing. A car that oozes elegance, the SL 300 Gullwing is a beautiful machine and captures the imagination of anyone who sets their eyes on it. As popular today, as it was back in the ’50s the 300 SL, features unmistakable Gullwing doors and owes its name to this fact. One of the few cars that can be considered a true automotive icon.

After the likes of the 300 SL, the design philosophy started to change, whilst the ultimate recipe remained the same. The early ‘60s saw the second generation. A machine that was far more angular than it’s predecessor, the 230 SL featured more curved style ‘greenhouse’ windows and a detachable rooftop, of which it’s profile quickly gave the 230 SL the ‘Pagoda’ nickname thanks to the shape of this feature. 

These first two iterations of the SL are the halcyon days of the SL, however, whilst fashions and trends may have changed, the SL has continued to be a popular fixture on the Mercedes Benz product portfolio.

In 2019 Mercedes Benz is onto the sixth generation of the SL and features the distinctive Mercedes Benz styling that extends across the contemporary range. Retaining the early DNA, the SL is still very much the luxury grand tourer and received a subsequent facelift in 2017. Alongside the standard model variants, the SL has also been on the receiving end of some Mercedes AMG treatment with some more powerful variants becoming available for sale.

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Published: Tuesday 01, Sep, 2020
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