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SMART Protect
Dents, scuffs and scratches are probably the last thing on your mind when buying a new car. Unfortunately, we can all be victim to a few minor damages that look unsightly and decrease our car’s overall value.

What is SMART Protect?

SMART Protect will help you avoid the costs with bodywork repairs without having to use your motor insurance that would potentially compromise your new claims bonus – something that none of us want.
Damage is hard to avoid
The majority of us have been there. For example, whether we’ve had a slight ding whilst trying to park or another car door has hit your side – it’s a common occurrence that is hard to avoid. One, or an accumulation of these bodywork damages aren’t great news when you want to maximise your car’s resale value, and to be honest, they don’t look great either.
Pristine and protected
So how do you keep your car in perfect condition? SMART Protect is the answer. This policy provides state-of-the-art bodywork repair technology to remove chips, dents, scuffs, or light scratches on the spot. You know your car will always look like new and will remain protected from those unsightly bodywork damages with SMART Protect.
Maintain your no claims discount
Since scratches, dents, chips and scuffs happen all the time to our cars, it usually isn’t worth claiming for these cosmetic damages on your main motor insurance as it’s not worth losing your no claims discount. SMART Protect provides the solution to this problem. Your vehicle’s bodywork will remain in great condition, so when you come to sell it, its resale value is maintained and you will continue to receive your no claims discount on your insurance. A win-win situation!
At your beck and call
As we live busy lives, taking your car to a garage for repairs is not very convenient and can be very time-consuming. With SMART Protect, whether you have your feet up at home, or are beavering away at your office desk, our technicians can arrange repairs from anywhere. SMART Protect claims are very easy to make, either on the SMART app or online, and the customer service team will be able to validate and arrange for one of the many expert technicians to visit at a time that suits you.
Stress-free driving
You’ll be pleased to know that all of the work carried out by SMART Protect is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, so you know that you’ll always be covered. So, if you discover any new minor scrapes or dents that appear in your paintwork, you know who to go to. Now that’s stress-free driving!
Why should I buy SMART Protect?
When you eventually come to sell your car, its overall condition will influence its value. Now, although you may think a few scratches and dents won’t affect this - it really does. These minor damages can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair, and this will be taken into consideration when you come to value your car.
Why you’ll love SMART Protect
There are a number of benefits with SMART Protect. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with it too.
Efficient & effective
Repairs can be completed within hours by the specialist team of SMART repair technicians.
Whether you’re home or at work, you won’t have to worry about getting your car to us, as we’ll come to you.
Cost effective
SMART repair is much more cost effective than repairs carried out by traditional bodyshops.
Resale value maximised
When it comes to selling your vehicle, with your car free from chips, dents and scrapes, you’ll be able to command a higher price.
Perfect colour-match
With our advanced colour-match technology, your repair will not be noticeable.
Work guarantee
For as long as you own the vehicle, we’ll guarantee the repairs carried out.
SMART Protect FAQs
How do I get SMART Protect?
SMART Protect will be offered to you when you come to purchase a vehicle at one of our dealerships. The policy can be purchased as a one-off cost or you can spread out the cost through monthly payments. You will then be covered as soon as you drive off our forecourt.
What isn’t covered under SMART Protect?
SMART Protect does not cover panel replacement, stickers and decals, beading and mouldings, cracked or dented bumpers, or their replacement. Repairs will only be completed if an invisible result can be achieved by using SMART technology. Third-party liability and body shop repairs are excluded.
What am I covered for with SMART Protect?
The policy will cover scuffs and dents up to 30cm in diameter and light scratches up to 30cm long with a maximum depth of 3mm. Chips are covered of up to 5mm and a maximum depth of 1.5mm.
How do I make a SMART Protect claim?
Claims can be made easily online or on the SMART app. This facility is only available to customers that hold SMART policies.
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