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Five things you need to know about the Audi Q2

Discover the main features of the Audi Q2; their popular and compact SUV.
Five things you need to know about the Audi Q2
The crossover market is in full bloom at the moment and Audi was quick to take advantage through the introduction of its Q2. It’s a compact yet high-riding crossover, bringing a great sense of quality as well as a robust and well-made interior. 
It’s jam-packed with features too, so let’s take a look at what else the Q2 has in store. 
It features many high-end design traits
Despite being one of the Audi’s more value-focused models, the Q2 incorporates many of the styling touches that you’d expect to find on larger cars from the firm. There’s the trademark large, square grille while around the back there are slim, edgy lights. It’s a clever overall design. 
The Q2 also sits higher on the road than you might expect, giving it a commanding presence. 
The interior is practical and well made
The Q2 is naturally aimed towards families, which is why the interior has been designed to offer plenty in the way of storage. There are well-sized door bins and plenty of cubbies for all of your odds and ends. 
At 405 litres, the Q2 also brings a well-sized boot. It’s square and easy to access, too. 
There’s a large central screen
Though the Q2 might not feature the ultra-wide screen that you’ll find in cars like the A6 and Q7, the pop-out display fitted brings more than enough features for most people. It’s clear and easy to read, too, while the menus are simple to understand. 
It’s accessed via a rotary controller, too, as well as a handful of physical buttons. 
A high seating position gives a commanding view of the road
Those who like to sit up high will no doubt enjoy the Q2’s seating height. It gives a commanding view of the road ahead and makes you feel like you’re in a much larger car than you actually are. 
It’s the case for the Q2 in general, in fact, as it brings the feel of a much larger car but on a smaller scale. 
There are plenty of specifications to choose from
There’s plenty of choice when it comes to specifications with the Q2 and all bring all manner of standard features. Even base-spec Technik alloys boast 16-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights, as well as parking sensors and cruise control.
Meanwhile at the top of the list there’s Vorsprung, adding high-end features such as 19-inch alloy wheels and high-performance Matrix LED headlights. 
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Published: Thursday 29, Jul, 2021
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