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Five things you need to know about the Ford C-Max

Would a used Ford C-Max be the best car for you? Discover its key features in our blog.
Five things you need to know about the Ford C Max
Ford’s C-Max has proven a hit with drivers for many years now, providing spacious and reliable transport in a practically-made package. Though discontinued in 2019, the C-Max has continued to prove popular in the used segment, where its high levels of standard equipment and variety of efficient engines ensure it remains a strong performer.
But if you’re considering a C-Max as your next car, what do you need to know about it? Here, we pick out the top 5 things you should check out before getting a C-Max. 
It’s spacious and practical
Practicality lies at the core of the C-Max. As a result, the cabin is wide and dotted with loads of storage compartments which help to ensure that the interior of the C-Max stays as clutter-free as possible. You also get a usefully large boot which, at 432 litres, provides plenty of space. 
Plus, the boot opening is quite tall, so loading larger items into the back shouldn’t prove too difficult. 
Compact proportions make parking easy
Though the C-Max does focus on spaciousness, that doesn’t stop it from retaining a relatively compact footprint. In doing so, it makes the C-Max a lot easier to live with while helping to ensure that finding the right-size parking spaces won’t prove too much of a headache.
It also means that the C-Max is a good option for people who want added spaciousness but don’t want to have to deal with a larger car. 
There are a refined range of engines
As with pretty much all Ford models, the C-Max comes accompanied by a variety of different engine choices. Of course, the diesel models will be favoured by those travelling longer distances owing to their lower running costs and better MPG figures - the 1.5-litre diesel will return up to 48.7mpg, in fact.
But the petrol engines in the range won’t break the bank either. There’s a 1.0-litre unit with MPG figures of around 42.2mpg, though unless you’re after more power we’d avoid the 1.5-litre unit as it’ll only return MPG figures in the early 30s. 
There’s a Grand C-Max too
Those drivers after a little more space would be well-served by the Grand version. Not only does this bring seven seats - making it a great option for larger families - but you get a larger boot too. That extra row of seats is perfect for kids, as adults might find themselves feeling a little squeezed.
It’s also worth noting that when all of the seats are in place, boot area drops to just 65 litres. 
There’s plenty of equipment fitted as standard
With a focus on value, it’s little surprise that the C-Max gets plenty of included features. Highlights such as 16-inch alloy wheels and air conditioning stand out from the crowd, while all cars benefit from a central screen too - though the size of this depends on which specification you opt for. 
That said, even the entry-level 4.2-inch system packs Bluetooth connectivity and voice controls, so you’re not going to feel short-changed for leaning towards a lower-specification C-Max.
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Published: Tuesday 10, Aug, 2021
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