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Key Things to Know About the Audi A5

Discover why the Audi A5 is such a hit with many.
Key Things to Know About the Audi A5
Audi’s classy and stylish A5 has been a hit for some time thanks to a premium approach to cabin quality and an involving yet secure driving experience. The most recent version has taken things one step further with more technology and a revised new look, too.
As you’d expect to find with an Audi, it’s got loads of features to offer - so let’s check out some of the key ones. 
It’s got a well-made cabin
The A5’s interior is a great example of how to make cabins properly. It’s made up of plenty of high-end materials, which all fit together well to create a real sense of sturdiness. Everything is placed logically, too, meaning that operating the controls soon becomes second nature. 
That quality doesn’t drop off for those sitting in the back of the car, either, where there’s still a good use of high-quality finishers. 
A Sportback version brings added practicality
A four-door coupe is a slight contradiction, but the Sportback is one such vehicle. Essentially a five-door version of a three-door car, the Sportback is there for people who want the elegant looks of a coupe but with a better focus on practicality. 
It’s got an impressively large boot, too, with more than enough space for large suitcases or a lot of shopping. 
S5 and RS5 models are available 
Audi offers the A5 in both S5 and RS5 versions, too. Both bring a huge amount of performance, courtesy of either a turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel or a 2.9-litre turbocharged V6. Whichever one you opt for, you’re going to be in for thrills aplenty. 
Plus, you can still opt for the Sportback variant, ensuring that you’ve got practicality on your side too. 
You can have it as a convertible 
Furthering the A5’s appeal even further is the A5 Convertible. It uses a traditional fabric folding roof, which can be opened or closed at the touch of a button at speeds of up to 31mph. It takes just 15 seconds to open and 18 seconds to close, meaning that it’s quick enough to raise or lower at the lights. 
For those seeking wind-in-your-hair thrills, it’s a great option. 
It’s got a well-sized boot
Regardless of which variant you opt for, the A5 brings a surprisingly decent amount of boot space. The Sportback is the one you’ll need for the most amount of space, but each A5 model deals out a lot more practicality than you might think. 
Even the cabriolet offers an impressive 380 litres - one of the largest boots in the segment.
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Published: Wednesday 07, Jul, 2021
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