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Big Asset Protection
Financial protection for you, should your vehicle be written off or stolen.

What is Big Asset Protection?

Motorists may face a common issue of having their vehicle written off due to an accident, flood, fire, or theft. Now, what if you lost out on thousands because of this? Unfortunately, insurance companies will only payout for your vehicle’s current market value and not how much you originally paid for it, so this will often result in a shortfall. This shortfall can often be a large sum depending on the depreciation of your vehicle. That’s where Big Asset Protection comes in.
The unavoidable depreciation
We are all aware that as soon as we drive a new car off the forecourt, it has already depreciated in value. As a rule of thumb, in five years, cars lose a staggering 60% or more of their initial value. If this figure hasn’t shocked you yet, then about one car is written off every 90 seconds in the UK. Now that is a lot! This means that potentially thousands upon thousands of people will be at a loss with how much they paid for their vehicle and how much it will be valued for by their insurance companies.
No more financial loss
Not only is it stressful having your vehicle written off, but when you know you are receiving a shortfall with your insurance payout, it can be extremely frustrating. Big Asset Protection is there to provide financial protection, regardless of how you originally funded your car in the event of an accident or loss. This policy is broken down into two areas: Return To Invoice (RTI) and Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).
Return To Invoice (RTI)
If you bought your vehicle outright, this is where this portion of the policy comes in. This will ensure that you will get back what you paid for the car with a valid claim. For example, if you paid £20,500 for your car and it is written off, your insurance company will pay £16,000 as this is its current value. However, this means you’re looking at a shortfall of £4,500 – an eye-watering amount. However, with the Big Asset Protection, you will receive an RTI payout of £4,500 to top it up to the price you originally paid. Bigger payout, next better car!
Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
If you have financed your vehicle, then this is where this policy comes in. This will ensure that you will not be left with any outstanding finance to pay. So, for example, if you have paid £20,500 for your vehicle and it is written off, your insurance company will pay out £16,000. However, you still owe £21,500 on your finance agreement. You will then receive a GAP payout of £5,500 to make up the difference. This means you will not be left to pay out thousands to the finance company for a car that you’re no longer driving!
Why should I buy Big Asset Protection?
The shortfall you could receive from the amount you paid for your car with us, versus the amount your motor insurance company provides, could be a staggering amount. Nobody wants this, so that’s why it is really important to consider this when you come to purchase a vehicle with us. Some car makes and models depreciate more than others too, so you may always be a risk of losing out on thousands of pounds. If you take out Big Asset Protection, then you know if an accident or loss was to happen, you will have peace of mind that you will not miss out on receiving the full price you paid.
Big Asset Protection Features
A Big Asset Protection policy comes with several benefits that make it an ideal policy to consider taking out when you purchase a car from us.
Fully transferable
If you decide you change your vehicle at any time and this replacement falls within the price range specified in your policy schedule, then this policy can easily be transferred onto your new car for a small admin fee of £35.
Stress-free set-up
We’ll do the leg work for you. When you visit one of our dealerships, our expert Sales Consultants will be able to set you up immediately with cover so you can drive away knowing you’re fully covered in the event of an accident or loss. Simple!
Easy to claim
There is nothing worse than being on hold with your insurance company for what feels like an eternity. So, to avoid the faff, claims can be made on the free and easy-to-use app, saving you heaps of time that you probably would have spent on the phone.
Excess contribution
Big Asset Protection will provide a contribution of up to £250 towards your insurance policy excess – money that does not need to come out of your own pocket.
Accessory cover
Additional accessories that are found on our cars that are manufacturer-approved will be covered up to the value of £1,500. This can include things such as door projectors, bike racks and more.
Our Big Asset Protection is a three year policy that can be cancelled at any time. So, if you decide you don’t need it anymore, you have the flexibility to cancel it and receive a pro rata refund.
Big Asset Protection FAQs
How do I get Big Asset Protection?
Big Asset Protection will be offered to you when you come to purchase a vehicle at one of our dealerships. The policy will differ from vehicle to vehicle and your own individual needs, so our helpful Sales Consultants will find the best one to suit you.
What are the exclusions with Big Asset Protection?
Like with any other insurance company, there are some circumstances where Big Asset Protection will not cover you. These include: Valid Motor Insurance Cover You need to have a fully comprehensive motor insurance policy issued by an authorised UK motor insurer that insures against accidental loss and/or damage to your vehicle throughout the period of insurance. If your insurance company rejects this claim and a settlement payment is not made then you will not be covered by this policy. Vehicle exclusions Big Asset Protection is unable to cover all vehicle types which are listed below: • If your car has been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specification. • Your car is used for hire or reward, i.e taxis or courier vehicles. • If your car is used for a competitive event. • If your car is heavier than 3500kg gross weight. • Your car is listed in an excluded list which includes vehicles such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Honda NSX models, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and kit cars. General exclusions • Any total loss due to your negligence or deliberate action • Any total loss as a result of an accident where the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs that were not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner where a warning against driving has been given. Additional costs Any additional costs within the finance settlement for anything other than the purchase of the vehicle will not be covered under the policy. This includes but is not limited to administration charges, option to purchase charges, early settlement charges, late payment charges and arrears. Negative equity Any sum outstanding from a previous finance agreement transferred to the new vehicle finance agreement. Tax Any recoverable Value Added Tax (VAT) where you are VAT registered.
How do I make a claim with Big Assist Protection?
Claims can be made directly on the AutoProtect app. Our Sales Consultants can help to get this app set up for you once purchased.
Is Big Asset Protection worth having?
Big Asset Protection is great for giving you peace of mind. While no one particularly wants to plan for extreme events such as writing off a car or having a vehicle stolen, the reality is that these events can and do happen. We hope you won't need to use your Big Asset Protection policy, however, we're confident that should these unwanted events happen, you'll feel better for having bought a policy that's specifically designed to cover you.
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