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Big Motoring World Reviews New BMW 5 Series Touring

2017 bmw 5 series touring is official 8

As we all know it's the time of year where the new registration plate is released, which also means new cars are released onto the market. This time I give you the new BMW 5 Series Touring! This new 2017 elegant business or family vehicle has just made its debut release at the Geneva Motor Show, where orders have already been taken for it.

There isn't really much difference between the new model and the old; only tiny details such as the front is identical to the saloons front end, the enlarged tail lights, and slightly longer in length. However, one main difference is the size of the boot, which is much more spacious, 10 litres more to be precise. The extra space is perfect for the shopping bags, fitting in the children’s prams, a family day out to the park, or a woodland walk with the dogs. For the professional businessman, there is more than enough space for suitcases to jet off to the meeting abroad, or to fit in the golf clubs for a day at the golf course. Every model will include an electronic tailgate with the opening rear window- another helpful feature to suit everyone in certain situations.

You are able to purchase different engine sizes in the new 5 Series model from a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, to a 3.0 litre six-cylinder turbo engine. There is one to suit everyone’s want and needs, even the xDrive four-wheel drive!

After going through the features of the new Touring, you are probably wondering how much it will set you back. So, the price of the vehicle itself starts from £38,385 and the running costs of it in terms of fuel economy are the best in its class, over taking the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate.

What are you going to be spending your money on then? A new BMW 5 Series Touring, a new kitchen, or a holiday? I know what I would have…the 5 Series!

Published: Monday 24, Apr, 2017
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