The Big Story

At Big Motoring World we are extremely proud of our journey. From our very humble beginnings at our site in Teynham Kent, to being listed as a UK Motor Trader Top 10 Dealer, employing over 300 members of staff. Everything we do includes putting our customer first. This is why our customers come back to us time and time again enabling our business to grow year on year. Take a look at a snapshot of our journey below.

  • 1986
    Life started for Big Motoring World in Teynham, Kent. Our CEO, Peter Waddell, began trading from home then bought Teynham Trade Centre. He moved into the flat above a hairdressers shop with his young family- using his garage as the workshop; with under 20 cars on display.
    The Big Story
  • 1997
    The first step towards expansion happened nearly ten years after the first site opened. Peter Waddell, our CEO established his first dealership; He acquired another location in Bapchild, Sittingbourne Kent in 1997. This branch traded under the name "Bapchild Motoring World". The site included a showroom and a workshop at rear. There were over 60 BMW cars on display. The site was staffed with ten employees.
    The Big Story 2
  • 2001
    In addition to the Bapchild branch, another location opened in Folkestone, Kent. This branch traded under the name "Folkestone Motoring Centre". There were 25 cars on display for customers to view, along with three members of staff to cater for their needs.
    The Big Story 3
  • 2002
    The following year, the company acquired another site at Teynham, where it all started. This branch was the second largest site in the company's portfolio. Trading under the name "Teynham Motoring Centre", this branch offered customers over 45 cars on display and employed seven full-time staff. At this point, the company has over 130 cars across the three branches in Kent.
    The Big Story 4
  • 2004
    The company decided to consolidate all the branches across Kent, onto one big site. We closed down all the three branches, and relocated to West Malling, in Kent. This step is the start of the magnificent Big Story. The company rebranded and began to trade under the name "Big Motoring World". There were 15 staff members employed, with over 150 cars on display initially.
    The Big Story 5
  • 2008
    Renowned for stocking pre-owned BMW in the South East. Our CEO had the vision to become the largest independent BMW dealership in the country. To continue the growth plan, we acquired the cafe next door and increased the stock on display to 350. The workforce grew to a 50 active member team.
    The Big Story 6
  • 2011
    The final piece of land that enabled us to earn the status "The UK's Largest BMW Independent Dealer" was acquired. The stock level on display rose to 650 cars, with 100 employees on the books.
    The Big Story 7
  • 2013
    Though the country was in the middle of a recession, the company pressed ahead with its growth plan and acquired another site in addition to the existing West Malling site. The acquisition of our state-of-the-art dedicated Collection Centre was a pioneering move in the automotive industry. Preparation of our new stock also takes place at this enhanced workshop facility. This acquisition enabled us to increase the display space at our flagship site.
    The Big Story 8
  • 2014
    The West Malling branch grew further with the relocation of the collection and service department. That enabled us to increase the display space by additional 100 cars to 750 vehicles. We also introduced other brands including Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. There was 200 staff on the books.
    The Big Story 9
  • 2016
    The strategically located 21-acre Blue Bell Hill site was acquired. We are currently utilising less than 2 acres displaying Audi and Volkswagen cars during the development of the site. This new location is set to become the new flagship branch with plans to display over 3,000 quality prestige cars. At completion, 300 jobs will be created to staff this new mega site.
    The Big Story 10
  • 2018
    The development of Blue Bell Hill Completed, our new state of the art showroom is open tour customers for BMW VW and Mercedes Cars
    The Big Story 11
  • 2019
    10 Acre vehicle preparation centre. Equipped with over 100 vehicle ramps, 10 MOT bays and 3 car photo studios. Located in Peterborough we can process up to 6000 cars a month
    The Big Story 12
  • 2020
    Enfield, London. Our new Car Supermarket with over 800 cars on display to choose from.
    The Big Story 13
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