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Five things you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz CL Class

Discover the key features of the luxury Mercedes CL Class in our helpful buyer's guide.
Five things you need to know about the Mercedes Benz CL Class
Produced from 2002-2014, the Mercedes-Benz CL is a luxury coupé based on the S-Class saloon. It’s absolutely brimming with luxury and is a popular used choice, with several low ownership and well cared for examples that hold their value well thanks to modern classic credentials.
But more than any of that, there’s the model’s blistering performance. Could it be the world’s most low-key supercar?
It was often over £100k when new
When the last generation CL made its debut the entry-level CL500 would have set you back £79,950. The flagship twin turbo V12 CL65 AMG, meanwhile, was a whopping £158,995, with several other options well over £100k. 
So with used examples from £15k to around £40k for a low-mileage AMG it now costs a fraction of what it did when new.
The AMG has 1,000Nm of torque
When it was launched, the CL65 AMG had more torque than any other car in the world. Mercedes-Benz’s engineers set themselves a target of 1,000Nm and they made it, courtesy of a 605bhp twin turbo V12. 
Indeed, were it not for software restrictions to avoid blowing up the eight-speed automatic transmission, the model would have topped 1,200Nm. 
It could beat a Porsche 911 Turbo in a drag race
How’s that for a pub fact? The range-topping CL would be faster off the mark than a contemporary 911 Turbo all the way through to 125mph, at which point the Porsche would just about edge ahead. 
All CLs were electronically limited to 155mph as they were marketed as luxury GTs and not all-out sports cars, but if derestricted the ‘base’ 5.0-litre V8s would easily hit 170mph, while the twin turbo V12 is reputed to finally run out of steam at 212mph.
There’s almost no body roll
All CLs, be them the luxury CL500 or the ballsy CL65 AMG, feature Mercedes-Benz’s technologically fascinating Active Body Control (ABC), which uses a combination of software, sensors and hydraulics to ensure optimal ride quality and handling ability at all times.
Providing that it’s working properly, the ABC all but eliminates body roll, yet somehow still delivers exceptional ride quality at the same time.
There were actually two AMG models, not one
For most of the Mercedes-Benz range, there was one performance range-topping AMG variant for each model line.
With the CL there were two, each with a brace of turbos. The ‘lesser’ model was the CL63 with a 5.5-litre V8 under its snout and a thumping 536bhp on offer, compared with the 425bhp of the CL500 on which it was based. In most circumstances that would have been more than enough, but the flagship CL65 AMG was bestowed with four more cylinders and 605bhp, later increased to 621bhp just in case the original power output wasn’t enough!
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Published: Tuesday 31, Aug, 2021
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