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Five things you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

For an ultimate luxurious vehicle, discover the key features of the Mercedes S-Class.
Five things you need to know about the Mercedes Benz S Class
For those looking for the ultimate luxury limousine, few could argue that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the one to go for. For decades it has set the standard for luxury in its class, and been a technological pioneer.
So much so, in fact, that it has become well-known for debuting many of the technologies that would go on to become normal later down the line. Here are five things to know about the limo.
It’s one of the most luxurious cars on sale
The interior of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class brings one of the most comfortable, luxurious cabins you’ll find anywhere in the car world. For the driver, there are high-definition screens and easy to use infotainment menus, as well as incredibly comfortable seats.
However, things are even more impressive in the rear, with armchair-like seats, computer tablets, and all the space you could need to get business done on the move.
It’s a technological masterclass
The S-Class gets the latest generation MBUX infotainment system, which is ultra-responsive and incredibly powerful. Meanwhile, safety-conscious buyers will be pleased to note it has the latest advancements in driver assistance and crash safety technology.
The S-Class also gets trailblazing headlamp technology, with the Digital Lights working like a projector with one million pixels per headlight. These can be individually controlled to avoid blinding other road users and focus light towards corners.
You can buy a Long version
The regular S-Class will be big enough for most, but those looking for the ultimate limousine experience can opt for the Long version.
As the name suggests, it extends the wheelbase, which results in even more legroom for those in the rear. You can retract the seats and stretch out so it’s almost like travelling in First Class in an aeroplane.
You can get a hybrid 
Badged S 580 e, it’s only available on the Long version. It has all the same technology and comfort tricks as the regular models, but under the bonnet is a petrol-electric powertrain that lets you drive up to 63 miles on electric power alone.
The low CO2 emissions mean it has a benefit-in-kind rate of just seven per cent, making it appealing to company car buyers. Meanwhile, the batteries can be topped up in 20 minutes at a 60kW fast charger.
A Maybach option enhances everything
The S-Class is the ultimate luxury model, but the Maybach is the ultimate luxury S-Class. The Maybach is 18cm longer than even the Long version, and has an even more luxurious interior. It costs about twice the regular S-Class, which should give you an idea of what a step up this model is.
There are technology upgrades here too, with the Maybach debuting rear-seat entertainment, rear-axle steering and active body control.
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Published: Wednesday 18, Aug, 2021
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