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Are we over the fuel shortages across the UK?

Two weeks ago the fuel crisis set in, causing havoc across the UK.
Are we over the fuel shortages across the UK%3F

The past two weeks have been a very stressful and chaotic time for many motorists to say the least. Since the 23rd of September 2021 - when BP announced it had a shortage of drivers to deliver fuel to its petrol stations, many motorists took to the fuel pumps amid fears that fuel may run out.

Since then, many of us have seen the dreaded long queues building up outside petrol stations, with many unable to refuel their cars. But are we over the crisis?

How did the fuel shortages start?

Mainly due to Brexit and the pandemic, there has been a major shortage of HGV drivers – estimated to be over 100,000. As a result, there are fewer drivers who can deliver fuel to forecourts. With BP’s announcement, the UK quickly fell to its knees, seeing fuel shortages across the country.

Who would’ve thought we’d ever take a full tank of fuel for granted?

The increase in fuel prices

Not only have motorists had the burden of hunting down petrol stations that still have fuel available, but the UK has also been hit with an increase in fuel prices – now sitting at an eight-year high. For example, the average petrol price on Monday (04/10/2021) was 136.1p a litre, up from 135.19p a week earlier. Diesel over the same period rose from 137.95p to 139.2p.

What has happened since?

In response to the crisis, a few measures have been taken to help get things back to some normality. The government have offered temporary visas for 5,000 overseas HGV drivers and have also brought in 200 army and RAF personnel to help deliver fuel to the hardest-hit areas – including London and the south east.

So, how does the petrol crisis look now?

With these measures put in place, has anything changed? Luckily for those outside of London and the south east, things are looking far better now. The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) have stated that 8% of the petrol stations outside of London and the south east were out of fuel on Monday. Compare that to a fifth of forecourts in London and the south east without fuel – quite the difference.

The PRA has stated however that the worst-affected areas have seen a “marginal” improvement, but still face a “challenging” time.

So, although many of us may not be experiencing the fuel shortage as much, those in the worst-affected areas are still feeling the strain - which we hope will end very soon.

Here at Big Motoring World, we’re big on what matters to you. Therefore, we have been monitoring the crisis very closely and have been ensuring that we can still operate as usual, allowing all of our customers to come down for test drives and complete handovers successfully. Get in contact with us here if you would like to visit one of our dealerships. 

Published: Thursday 07, Oct, 2021
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