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Audi EV owners can get thousands of free miles by switching energy supplier

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Owners of Audi’s electric and plug-in hybrid models will be able to take advantage of free credit worth around 5,000 miles of free charging simply by switching energy suppliers. 


The German car maker has partnered up with Octopus Energy - which champions the supply of electricity from 100 per cent renewable sources - to offer £90 in credit. 


Audi says that if charged at off-peak times, this amount of charge credit would be enough to power its e-tron SUV for 5,000 miles - approximately 70 per cent of the average motorist’s commute.


Octopus Energy already provides a tariff which is oriented towards EV wonders. Called Octopus Go, this tariff claims to offer night time supply rates which are around 50 per cent cheaper than typical Economy 7 rates. Prices can fall to as low as 5p per kilowatt hour (kWh) between 12:30am and 4:30am. 


Audi owners are able to control when their vehicle charges though the myAudi app in order to ensure that the car only accepts a charge when the energy is at its cheapest. 


In addition to this offer, Audi UK is offering a 12-month subscription to its e-tron Charging Service at no additional cost, as well as 1,000 miles of charging credit. The service gives owners access to chargers from 18 different suppliers across the UK, but only requires one payment card. It currently covers around 50 per cent of the chargers in the country. 


Andrew Doyle, director of Audi UK, said: “Audi is taking a root and branch approach to the challenge of minimising the environmental impact of its cars at every stage of their lifecycle.


“It makes total sense for us to endorse and work with Octopus, because its 100 per cent clean energy can help our customers to scale back that impact even further at a local level without committing to contracts or paying inflated green premiums. I hope this attractive offer encourages many more of them to do so.”





Published: Tuesday 10, Nov, 2020
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