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Audi launches premium electric vehicle charging lounge experiment

Could this be the future? Find out how Audi aims to create a premium vehicle charging experience like no other.
Audi launches premium electric vehicle charging lounge experiment
Audi has kickstarted a new pilot project which aims to see how the electric vehicle charging experience can be made to feel more premium. 
The manufacturer has said that it is already on the hunt for a location in Germany for a test centre which is expected to go live this year. 
Called the Audi charging hub, the concept is based around container cubes that can be transported easily. Because of this, Audi says it widens the scope for the hub’s ability to move locations. 
Large lithium-ion batteries are fitted on-site and these feed high-powered chargers. Created from the cells of recycled development vehicles, these again help the site to become more mobile.
The batteries can be constantly topped up via a regular power supply while solar panels on the roof add clean energy. 
Though the firm hasn’t yet stated exactly what type of electric car charger the site will offer, it’s more than likely that they’ll be state-of-the-art units delivering around 300kW of charging power. Audi highlights that its new e-tron GT model can charge at speeds of up to 270kW, meaning 60 miles of range can be added in just five minutes. 
To avoid lengthy waiting times, drivers will also be able to book their place at a charger. Then, while waiting for their car to charge, they’ll be allowed to access and upstairs lounge which will be stocked with drinks, snacks and ‘non-food items’. 
Published: Tuesday 15, Jun, 2021
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