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The New 2018 Mercedes CLS


Don't you just love it when plans are revealed for a new upcoming car? Well, design bosses from Mercedes have announced a few of the plans for a new CLS! The Chief Design Officer at Mercedes, Gorden Wagener, has said at the recent New York Motor Show, that there will be two concepts released- one the CLS focusing on luxury like an E-Class, and the other one the AMG GT Concept. He also said "The CLS is for James Bond, and the GT Concept is for Jason Bourne. That describes the different approaches to these vehicles." Well, what can we expect to see in this vehicle?!

It has been noted that it is to be similar to the new E-Class currently on the market, where there have also been rumours that it could actually be called a CLE because of the shared sleek features!

The vehicle itself is still rather unknown, as it hasn't been completely unveiled to the general public yet, however, that is said to be later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Saying that, there are some images of it when spotted out on the open road throughout the testing stages.

From the images though, we can see that the front end looks to be very square and mean-faced, with narrow and pointed end headlights. The back-end still has the older model CLS shape to it.

The price of this new luxury saloon is still unknown, but if you want to go by the current CLS range prices then you can be paying from around £50,000 for a basic model, to almost £90,000 for a first-class, top-spec model. Do you want to be the stylish businessman driving around in a luxurious new car? I wouldn't mind driving around in one without being a businessman!

So, let the waiting game begin for when more information and new images are released...however, if you can't wait until early 2018 to get your hands on one, then come down to Big Motoring World and purchase one of our used Mercedes CLS for over half the price of a new one! Now that is a bargain!

Published: Wednesday 10, May, 2017
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